Option A

Website Hosting; Crafted with Care; SiteGround

Foothold Digital will setup a specialized location on the cloud for your website and your e-mail. This scale-able service can be as little or as large as needed to guarantee the speed, efficiency and storage required by your website.

We cut out the middleman and you can get the recommended space on SiteGround and pay them directly for the service. No markup. No muss.

Option B

Web Hosting Kept Simple; Upgrade Yours & Receive, Exceptional E-mail Spam Filtering, Basic SSL Certificate, 7-Days of Backups, The Best Tech Support

Now through midnight, June 1st, transfer hosting to us and pay only $120 for the first year.*  $216/year after that.

We’ll transfer your website using the best method available to us.  We’ll work with your current host to make the process as smooth as possible.**

* Billed annually
** Some additional fees may apply.